Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

Keynote Speaker - Mia Birdsong

Mia Birdsong is a community visionary who has spent more than 20 years fighting for the self-determination, and pointing out the brilliant adaptations, of everyday people. She is currently a Senior Fellow at the Economic Security Project, where she is expanding the current universal basic income movement to include perspectives and leadership from communities experiencing economic and racial injustice. Previously, Mia was Co-Director of The Family Story Project and, before that, the Vice President of the Family Independence Initiative, an organization that leverages the power of data and stories to illuminate and accelerate the initiative low-income families take to improve their lives. 

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Thursday, October 11th, 2018- Morning

Keynote Speaker - Sam Quinones

Sam Quinones is a Los Angeles-based freelance journalist and author of three books of narrative nonfiction. His latest book is Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic (Bloomsbury, 2015), for which he traveled across the United States.  Dreamland recounts twin stories of drug marketing in the 21st Century: A pharmaceutical corporation flogs its legal new opiate prescription painkiller as nonaddictive. Meanwhile, immigrants from a small town in Nayarit, Mexico devise a method for retailing black-tar heroin like pizza in the US, and take that system nationwide, riding a wave of addiction to prescription pills from coast to coast. The collision of those two forces has led to America's deadliest drug scourge in modern times.Dreamland won a National Book Critics Circle award for the Best Nonfiction Book of 2015. It was also selected as one of the Best Books of 2015 by Amazon.com, Slate.com, the Daily Beast, Buzzfeed, Seattle Times, Boston Globe, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Entertainment Weekly, Audible, and in the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business by Nobel economics laureate, Prof. Angus Deaton, of Princeton University.

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Thursday, October 11th, 2018 - Afternoon

Keynote Speaker - Karen Stobbe & Mondy Carter

Karen was working as an actress, director, writer and instructor of theatre when her Dad, Manfred was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Her life has taken on a new focus and new meaning in combining the knowledge of her two worlds into one life work. Manfred passed away in October of 2000 and her Mom, Virginia was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a year and a half later. Karen & Mondy were the primary caregivers for Virginia for 11 years. Karen has presented over 700 trainings all over North America on topic of: dementia, person-centered care, culture change, improvisation, and creativity. She was the co-developer and writer of the CMS Hand in Hand Training Toolkit that was sent free to every nursing home in the USA. Among those they have presented for are Pioneer Network, The Eden Alternative, Ontario Long-Term Care Assoc., Alzheimer’s Foundation of America and over 300 workshops for Alzheimer’s Associations. She is now the Chief Purpose Officer and Mondy is the Chief of Creativity and Chaos for the nonprofit In the Moment and their current project is to create a free online resource for families of persons living with dementia, to give them the support they need. Karen & Mondy live in Black Mountain, North Carolina with their daughter Grace and a menagerie of furry family members.

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Friday, October 12th, 2018

Keynote Speaker - Julissa Arce

Julissa Arce is a writer, immigrant rights, education advocate and a CNBC Contributor. She is the Co-founder and Chairman of the Ascend Educational Fund, a college scholarship and mentorship program for immigrant students, regardless of their immigration status, ethnicity or national origin. Julissa is also a board member for the National Immigration Law Center and College Spring. She is the former Director of Public Affairs at Define American, a media organization that uses the power of story to change culture around immigration and citizenship. Prior to becoming an advocate, she built a successful career on Wall Street working at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch and had seemingly achieved the American Dream, and yet she was not part of what defined American.

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